Founded on the Premise that Blockchain Technology can Deliver Enterprise Value

FactChain was conceived with the mission to make every transaction trusted. 

Formed by NSA Cryptographic Experts

The “FactChain guys” (aka founders) spent most of their careers working deep inside some of the most sensitive agencies working on some of the worlds most cryptographically challenging problems — they’re bonafide experts.  

Creating a Network of World-Class Advisors and Executive Affiliates

FactChain recently attracted commercial expertise to help bring the product to market. 

Incubated by MasterPeace

FactChain is able to draw upon the leadership, engineering, and support resources of MasterPeace LaunchPad, to help accelerate its growth and development.

Developing Strategic Relationships With Customers

FactChain is looking for “early adopter” customers to partner on future development.